Season of giving: Sheriff’s Office to deliver toys to children in need

Hundreds of gifts were wrapped on Tuesday morning at the Sheriff’s Office Department ready to be handed out to children in need throughout Cameron County next week.

The gifts were wrapped by inmates, officials and members of the office who said they are very happy to be doing this for those who need it the most.

“ First of all, we like to be part of the community. We want people to know that we are here to help, sometimes they see you in a different light, they see us as somebody who just sits here and arrests someone, there’s a lot of children out there who sometimes see us when we make the call and we want to make them feel that they can talk to us at anytime, that we are their friends and that we are here to help,” Sheriff Omar Lucio said.

Most of the gifts were donated by a generous couple of Winter Texans who have been donating gifts during the Holiday season for the past 30 years. They reside at South Padre Island during the winter and in Iowa the rest of the year. They donated approximately $13,000 in toys.

“We got together 30 years ago … and we just started doing this from the time we were together because we like giving and it is just important to us to think that someone’s life can be impacted by what we do and not for any other reason,” Jean Fisher said. “We are not in it for any kind of glory; we just do it because we like doing it.”

Steven and Jean Fisher said they love being down here because everybody is so nice. They said they hope to continue doing this for as long as they can.

“Anytime, any season, like I said, if you can impact a child’s life, or an adult’s life, that’s what’s really important; it is not about the giving or the getting, it is letting them know that someone cares,” she said.

Lucio said besides the toys, the department will also be gifting food such as turkeys, chicken, potatoes and beans. He said Christmas is an important festivity and everyone should be able to celebrate it.

“We were lucky for this couple who got here and helped us out and we are going to make a lot of children happy and we are looking forward to that,” he said. “We want to lighten up their lives and let them know that there’s someone who cares for them.”


Inmate Claudia, whose last name was not revealed for security purposes, said she is very happy to be wrapping the gifts and making a difference in the lives of children who need it the most. All inmates who participated with the wrapping will be able to choose gifts to give out to their own children.

“We are wrapping the gifts for those kids who are from families that do not have enough money to give presents during this season,” she said. “It feels very good.”