Community members share 2020 resolutions

For many a new year means new resolutions, new challenges and new projects. While most of us miserably fail in maintaining our resolutions for the whole year, there are some leaders of the community who have set the example that everything we do with love and passion will stay for the long run and as a result: change the lives of many.

“For 2019, one of my resolutions was to become District 1 city commissioner,” Nurith Galonsky said. “I am very grateful to everyone who supported me in meeting that goal.”

The 2019-appointed city commissioner said while she does not always accomplish all her yearly resolutions, she writes them down and carries them with her everywhere she goes for inspiration.

“Every year, I write some resolutions on a notebook or a piece of paper that I carry in my wallet,” Galonsky said. “Truthfully, I don’t always accomplish everything on the list, and oftentimes there is carryover from the previous year, but at least some resolutions get crossed off each year.”

Galonsky said her resolutions for 2020 include to reduce the amount of trash she creates and, as a commissioner, to work on a project with Cameron County to demonstrate that they can work well together to promote greater inclusivity and empower more people to truly feel part of the community.

“In the next year, I see Brownsville progressing and residents taking greater interest in becoming part of the change,” she said. “The more that people are engaged, the more our community will thrive.”

Hilda Ledezma, founder of the Revival of Cultural Arts at Carlotta Petrina, said her resolutions for 2020 include to continue working with the partners who are committed to serve the community through the arts and to grow the visual arts at the Carlotta Petrina. She said she also has some personal goals that includes being healthier.

“Personally I want to cycle a little more this year and commit to healthy eating,” she said. “All of them are because that’s what will give me balance this 2020. I always set resolutions for myself and try to accomplish them, especially when it comes to working with the community; they are my inspiration.”

City Manager Noel Bernal said that while he does not set resolutions per se every year, the new year serves him to reflect on his long-term goals. This year, he will focus on exercising more often, increase his annual book reading, implement an employee leadership conference on topics related to organizational culture, write a letter to himself and successfully complete departmental work plans in support of the city commission.

“The letters to self are most important; in our day and age, we are faced with a multitude of distractions that limit our time spent reflecting on personal and professional goals,” he said. “I have used this method as a reminder of what is important to me and course correct where necessary to stay balanced, physically, spiritually, mentally, etc. and maintain focus on my priorities; this year I invited directors to do the same.”

JuiceUs founder and owner Alexandra Anzaldua said her 2020 resolutions include to practice mindfulness on a daily basis and to give time to herself to organize all new ideas in written form. In regards to her business, the mompreneur said she wants to continue innovating delicious healthy products to help the community achieve a healthier lifestyle.

“Personal goals will always be the most important for me; if I love myself, if I fill my heart with gratitude and continue growing from the inside then I’ll be able to give more to my family and friends as well as my community,” she said. “You could say this is the starting point for my resolutions and might not seem like much, but with handling so many projects at one time, it will be a real challenge for me to fulfill.”

The businesswoman said Brownsville is a city with a big heart and a lot to give. She would love to see the city reach its full potential by involving the community in more cultural, educational and healthier behaviors.

“Through my establishment I will keep on contributing with my grain of sand and would love to see other like-minded individuals and institutions in our community unite so as to help our beloved city succeed and flourish,” she said. “When planning your resolutions, overestimate yourself and shoot for the moon; even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!”