Man accused of assaulting pregnant girlfriend

A man was charged with assault after police say he punched, kicked and threw his three-month pregnant girlfriend into a cactus.

The incident occurred at about 2:24 a.m. on Dec. 18, 2019.  An officer was dispatched to the Stripes store at 201 E. Coma St. in Hidalgo.

When the officer met with Amanda Yarrito, she had a swollen left eye with bruising, scratches and redness on her back. Cactus thorns were also found throughout her body, a probable cause affidavit indicated.

Police believe her boyfriend Jorge Luis Silva Jr., 22, caused the injuries despite knowing Yarrito was pregnant.

The couple was staying at Motel 9 in Hidalgo and Silva didn’t allow Yarrito to leave the room. Yarrito tried to leave, but Silva pushed her against the bed and locked the door.

Silva then allegedly punched her, threw her on the floor and kicked her, causing Yarrito to urinate.

According to the probable cause, Yarrito was able to escape when Silva was distracted, but he went after her in his vehicle and tried to force her inside his car. A struggle started again between the two and Silva threw Yarrito against a cactus.

Silva then fled and Yarrito sought help at a Stripes store, the probable cause read. A police officer later found a cactus with freshly broken paddles during a search.

Yarrito received medical attention and filed criminal charges against Silva.

According to records, Silva was previously charged with assault in June 2016,and assault with a deadly weapon in January 2017.

Silva was arrested once more Dec. 18 and charged with assault, unlawful restraint, and continuous violence against the family — all 3rd degree felonies. His bonds totaled $90,000.