AEP says scammers are calling customers

AEP Texas has learned that new round of utility scams have begun along with the new year. Persons claiming to be AEP Texas employees are contacting businesses and residents threatening to disconnect their electric service unless an immediate payment is made. AEP Texas is not making these calls. Don’t be a victim.

In some cases, individuals are either calling or going door-to-door telling residents or businesses that their electric meter needs to be changed out and asking for either a deposit or payment to complete the process and avoid disconnection of service.

The attempted scams this week have targeted west Texas; however, the attempts are expected to move to other parts of the AEP Texas service territory.

AEP Texas employees do not proactively contact customers demanding payment to replace an electric meter. AEP Texas periodically replaces meters; however, AEP Texas employees do not seek payment in order to remove and replace the meter.

Thieves are calling consumers within the AEP Texas service territory and:

Threatening to shut off power unless an immediate payment is made
Telling customers they need a new electric meter
Demanding a deposit is paid immediately
Offering a discount on their utility bill if they sign up for auto-pay

Customers, who suspect or experience fraud, or feel threatened during contact with one of these thieves, should contact local authorities, and then AEP Texas at 1- 877-373-4858.