CBP on high alert at international bridges amid Middle East Crisis

Aurora Orozco/El Nuevo Heraldo Authorities at Veterans International Bridge in Brownsville inspect a vehicle. CBP is on high alert due to the crisis in the Middle East.

In the face of the crisis that is taking place in the Middle East, the United States Customs and Border Protection is maintaining a high alert level at the international bridges while they observe how the situation develops.

In a statement sent by CBP, the agency said that “based on the current threat environment, CBP is operating with an enhanced posture at its ports of entry to safeguard our national security and protect the American people while simultaneously protecting the civil rights and liberties of everyone.”

Even though CBP has denied to be maintaining a strict operation of revision to the travelers, this Wednesday exhaustive revisions for travelers who were crossing in both directions of the border were observed at the international bridges in Brownsville.

“Up to this moment we haven’t implemented additional actions to the regular ones, the revisions are the normal ones; the high alert level means that we are actively monitoring the situation” Elias Rodriguez, spokesperson for CBP, said. “The National Guard continues to perform just support work, not revision.”

“CBP routinely adjusts staffing and operations to maintain the dual missions of border security and facilitation of lawful trade and travel. Processing times are the result of the current circumstances, including staffing levels, volume of traffic, and threat posture,” the statement reads.

Additionally, Rodriguez talked about the social media posts that state CBP is detaining Iranian-Americans and denying them entry to the United States.

“That information is totally false,” Rodriguez said.

Nubia Reyna contributed translations for this report.