Golfer relives hole-in-one

HARLINGEN — Life-long golfer Pat Bader will always remember the day she hit her first hole-in-one, as will all visitors to Stuart Place Golf Course.

After all, the golf course placed a plaque with her name to commemorate the moment.

For Bader, 79, a Winter Texan from Canada, hitting her first hole-in-one Nov. 9 was an exciting experience.

“I felt like it wasn’t real. Everybody else was very excited and that makes you feel excited too,” she said.

Bader said she has never played golf professionally, but she has played the sport for 40 years.

“We started playing at Seven Oaks in Mission, but it is not operational right now,” she said.

Bader mentioned she enjoyed playing with her husband, and she also has a group of golfing friends.

She has played at Stuart Place a little more than a dozen times.

“I started playing there last year. We play every Monday,” she said.

According to Bader, she had heard about the golf course for a while but had not played there until it was enlarged and became more challenging.

Bader said she does not know why it took so long to hit her first hole-in-one.

“My luck wasn’t running very good, I guess. I do think most of it is quite a bit of luck. You have to hit the ball, but you’ve got to have luck and be having a good day,” she said.

Her husband has also hit a hole-in-one.

“He hit it at Seven Oaks years ago. We seem to be able to have one. They must be rationed,” she said.

Her hole-in-one was on a par three, and it was in the ninth hole.

Bader visits different golf courses with her golfing group.

She said she feels she used to be better before.

“I used to be better. I am deteriorating now, but it is still fun,” she said.