Officials discredit fake military draft texts

MGN Online

The U.S. Army Recruiting Command is warning people not to believe fake text messages that claim residents have been selected for a military draft.

Authorities report these texts are false and not initiated by the U.S. Army.

In a press release, the command states numerous fake text messages have been circulated.

“The decision to enact a draft is not made at or by U.S. Army Recruiting Command,” the release said. “The Selective Service System, a separate agency outside of the Department of Defense, is the organization that manages registration for the Selective Service.”

On its Facebook page, The Selective Service System said it is conducting business as usual and “in the event that a national emergency necessitates a draft, Congress and the President would need to pass official legislation to authorize a draft.”

The command states the draft has not been in effect since 1973, and that the military has been an all volunteer force since that time.