Reaching Mars

SpaceX exhibit opens at Museum of Fine Art

By Nubia Reyna

Staff Writer

The Brownsville Community Foundation in partnership with the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art invites the community to the Boca Chica to Mars exhibit, a photographic chronicle featuring the official photography of SpaceX and various local photographers.

The exhibit opens today for the community during regular museum hours and it chronicles the journey from simplicity and solitude to eye witnesses of history self-charged with documentation.

“Here we are, just living our normal lives and the most-watched, most-trending, possibly the most lucrative space industry corporation picks us to launch and test and build their future rockets and we didn’t even know it was coming,” Diane Milliken Garza, executive director for the Brownsville Community Foundation and chairman of Brownsville Arts and Culture who is also curator of the event, said.

“Here we are, as witnesses to history, this is the trend of our existence right now, of our generation; space and we are here living and watching history in front of us and not many people across the United States are able to be such close eyewitnesses to history.”

Milliken Garza said part of the exhibit features National Geographic’s coverage of the Space Industry back in Kennedy’s day and it also features photographs of NASA and local photographers. She said the exhibit is about the community coming together to support art.

“I think it’s important for our generation, the baby boomers, and every generation after that to become engaged and that’s what this exhibit is all about,” she said.

Deyanira Ramirez, executive director for the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, said she hopes the community enjoys the exhibit and learns a little bit more about SpaceX. She said it was very important for curators to also feature photographs through the lenses of local photographers.

“What we want is to serve our community and at the same time attract more tourism to the City of Brownsville,” she said. “We want our community to know a little bit more about what SpaceX is about and also for them to see the quality of the pieces we are exhibiting.”

For more information about the exhibit, call the museum at (956) 542-0941.