La Feria schools host prom dress drive

LA FERIA — Prom dresses can be expensive to buy, which is why the school district is starting a prom drive.

According to La Feria ISD Superintendent Cathy Hernandez, there are around 30 teen girls in need of dresses.

“The prom drive idea came up and we had meetings with our community and there are many families with need, financially,” Hernandez said.

She said there have been drives for food, blankets and clothes, but there had not been one for prom.

“Again, this is a need in our community. We want all our students to experience prom night and not worry about the expenses and not being able to go because they cannot afford it,” she said.

The prom drive has already started and donations of dresses and also suits for boys have already started to come in. This is part of their Lexie’s Closet clothing donation facility.

The official date for girls to pick up a dress has not been scheduled, but Hernandez said it could be in February or March.

“We want to make sure all our kids have the opportunity to participate. Especially on something like prom, these are lifelong memories,” Hernandez said.

The prom for La Feria High School is scheduled for April 18, said Ida Prado, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator for La Feria ISD.

People who want to donate dresses and suits or clothing still have time to do so on the following dates,-Feb. 3, 17, March 2, 23, April 6, 20, and May 4 and 18.

“The goal is to have them enjoy the experience of every part of a high school life and prom is one of those nights, it really is about our kids,” Hernandez said.

“We want them to have a nice boutique experience and not feel less than or embarrassed. We hope they feel beautiful and handsome that night,” she said.

Lee Facility


400 S. West Street

Hours: 9 to 11 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m.

Dates of Operation

Feb. 3 and 17

March 2 and 23

April 6 and 20

May 4 and 18