LETTERS: The imperfect human

Every time I read N. Rodriguez or Duane A. Rasmussen letters to the editor, I can not help seeing the “cut and paste” philosophy from the mouths of their gods (Donald Trump and part of the Republican Party).

I don’t see opinions. I see two worshipers influenced by the loudest mouths (Trump and others).

I see them sitting in their cozy seats opining without realizing they have been indoctrinated.

I consider myself a liberal because I try to listen to all parties and the history of the human race on all the issues then decide what is happening today. All of it are actions of the human race throughout history.

Many leaders throughout human history built empires only to implode because the human animal cannot be indoctrinated for the same cause forever. Even a nation like ours who would like to believe it is a Christian nation has lowered the bar by having a leader like Trump because of desperation.

I have always said, “We get what we deserve.” Not too long ago, a candidate like Trump would have never been in the presidency. I can not say he was elected by the people because the other “would be” received almost three million more votes than the candidate who went on to become the president.

Just imagine the next president receiving three million less votes than Trump and the other candidate is the president.

I am glad that one of the top generals of Iran got killed. But I am glad because he was killing other human beings.

Have any of you human worshipers considered what he was doing and why? If you get the right answer, we would be moving our troops from foreign lands and stop dropping bombs on thousands of old men, women, children and babies to get one human.

Please stop blaming others and being the voices of the loudest mouths. Think!

Let us place the most competent and decent leaders for our nation and hope for the best of mankind.

Santiago Perez, San Benito