The United States is still a country where citizens and elected officials can remove a dictator.

In the past 100 plus years, the people in the USSR, Spain, Cuba, North Korea, much of South America, and much of Africa had no power to thwart dictators.

They lived in fear of their lives if they dared to even question a dictator.

The above is my way of saying the United States

Congress has the power of impeachment and removal; use it before President Donald Trump carries his powers and wantedpowers to even more dictatorial levels.

And while on dictators, notice how much of the ruling/entitled classes in lands with dictators use, and have used, them for their own gains – even if personally disliking their boorish and cruel ways.

Call it making peace with the devil.

Here in the United States, the Republicans tolerate Trump to further their narrow and self-centered social, legal and environmental agenda.

He is the horse they have ridden, and hope to ride, as they destroy the social and economic progress of decades.

And even if the president remains – and as this is written he likely will – remember, the citizens and Congress in The United States still, but for how long, have the power to send him from office.

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, Brownsville