COMMENTARY: Cultural degeneration backlash

By JIM N. TAYLOR, Special to the Star

It is called progressivism, but it is the reverse of progress.

It is called liberalism, but it is contrary to classic liberalism of our Founders.

The confusion arises because we have allowed them (Plibs) to usurp our vocabulary to deceive us. Progressivist liberalism is properly defined as the degeneration of a culture by the legitimization or normalization of deviate behavior. Deviate behavior is behavior not proven beneficial or acceptable by previous generations.

Time and space available do not permit mention here of all the deleterious changes in American behavior brought by Obama and other Plibs, but some of the more recent changes related to the choosing of Donald Trumps as our president have been: * Letting criminals out of prison; * Allowing illegal invasion by immigrants, promising them free stuff; * Allowing boys in girl’s locker rooms; * Allowing women to kill their babies; * Encouraging the confusion of gender by our youth; * The acceptance of homosexuality as an equally valued lifestyle for rearing children and living; * Prosecution of innocents and persecution of Christians; * Acceptance of the barbarity of Islam into our midst; * The coddling of the lazy; * Accepting socialism as the predominant thrust of a major political party; * Bribery and appeasement of a foreign power sworn to our downfall; * Employing progressivist teachers to cause our children to be anti-American and anti-free-market systems; and * The frivolous impeachment of the most successful president since Reagan because he is for America first and MAGA.

The election of D. Trump was/is our backlash against progressivism. We wish to continue seeing Trump succeed in reversing Obama’s policies of apology and appeasement to other nations and to put American interests first as all our presidents were once expected to do. Some commentators try to tell us that Trump is not a conservative, but his MAGA policies are not only conservative, they work, like all conservative ideas always do.

We need to reverse the practice of hiring progressivists in our education system and place only conservative reagents and officials in charge of our schools and universities. Our offspring must have a positive outlook toward our nation and understand American exceptionalism as we once all did when we had the unity that a nation requires to succeed.

When policies bring a country down, these policies are immoral, not simply by standards of religion, but by the standards of reason, rationality and science. Moral standards bring about prosperity through the efficient use of resources, healthy minds and bodies. Deviate behavior always reverses these outcomes. We must find new names for what we now call progressivism to reflect its distance from and reversal of progress.

The Democrat Party has always been the home of progressivism, but the degree to which progressivism now prevails makes the Democrat Party an extreme danger to America’s future – progressivists own them completely. The fake news media (FNM) is also owned by the progressivists, who openly admit their affiliation. They are the willing accomplices abetting progressivim. These include all TV news with the exception of Fox News and One American cable/satellite channels and talk radio. The rhetoric of the Plibs now prevails the air. The lies they repeat constantly become seen as truth.

If we would refuse to see socialism (that we fought for several generations and wars against) and other progressivist policies now being proposed by all Democrat/Plib candidates, we must take all necessary precautions to exclude their people and influence from our lives and leadership.

Jim N. Taylor is a Harlingen resident who is regularly published in the Valley Morning Star