Bookworms compete in Battle of the Books

Courtesy photo

By HCISD Staff

On Tuesday, Jan. 21, bookworms fought to stake their claim as the comprehension champion in the 3rd annual Battle of the Books.

The tournament is composed of student groups with four members each. The students are divided into three categories – elementary, middle, and high school, who compete over the course of three days.

The teams were booked for weeks as they practiced in anticipation, meticulously combing through the assigned books and memorizing the slightest of details.

The students are quizzed on trivia from a list of five award-winning, high-level novels, with different sets of books for each elementary, middle, and high school categories.

The students do not have any knowledge of the trivia beforehand and must be ready to answer any questions thrown at them. The academically demanding competition was created to give students access to awardwinning

books and cultivate a greater interest in reading. “I can’t think of a better thing to promote than Battle of the Books, because at HCISD we’re all about promoting literacy,” said Harlingen CISD Board of Trustees Member Gerry Fleuriet.

Emerging victorious were Early College High School, Vela Middle School, and Bonham Elementary School.

The three winners advanced to the regional, and they will fight to keep their place as champions against schools outside the district.

The regional tournament beings Feb. 19.