Police find human remains in San Benito

SAN BENITO — Harlingen police investigators Tuesday found human remains in a brush-covered area in San Benito.

An anonymous CrimeStoppers tip led investigators to the site off the 1200 block of West Business 77, Commander David Osborne told reporters at the scene.

By noon Tuesday, investigators had found exposed skeletal remains near a strip mall, Osborne said.

“We came across what we believe are human remains,” he said. “It’s unclear how they got there and who they belong to.”

Osborne said police received the tip after the arrest of Anthony Eliff, 44, charged with the murder of Guillermo Garcia, 41, found in a parked vehicle with a gunshot wound to his chest last Thursday night.

“This tip came immediately after the press release was posted and the arrest of Anthony Eliff who we did charge with homicide — murder,” Osborne said. “This tip came in saying that they believe there may be another body at this location.”

Osborne said animals such as coyotes might have scattered the remains across the area.

“They’re partially exposed which means they could have been scattered by predatory animals so we’re going to check the entire area,” he said.

Sgt. Larry Moore estimated the remains might be three to four months old.

“We don’t have an exact timeline,” Osborne stated. “It’s a guess.”

At the scene, investigators stretched a large red tarp across an area under a mesquite tree.

Lab tests are expected to determine how long the remains lay in the area, Moore said.

Osborne said the Texas Rangers and the San Benito Police Department are assisting in the investigation.

“San Benito police are assisting HPD as they conduct an investigation that was initiated in their jurisdiction,” interim San Benito Police Chief Fred Bell stated.