HARLINGEN — Fuzzy ears hung from human owners attempting to look like their pet, in an effort to win a “pet look alike” contest.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes, as well as matching outfits with their owners, were able to enjoy an afternoon of various activities at the second annual Pet Fun Match hosted by the Sunshine RV Resort Tuesday.

Parades of dogs, a silent auction and demonstrations by caretakers from PetSmart and K9 trainers were among the activities at the event.

Proceeds from the silent auction go to the Humane Society of Harlingen, said Sharon Battocletti, founder and organizer of the event.

Dogs and cats were present for adoption with waived fees with a donation, as well as $20 microchips and $5 nail clipping for pets.

“We started this last year. My goal was to bring a little bit dog show down here. People don’t realize what dogs are capable of and I don’t like the way they are treated here,” Battocletti said.

“I thought this would be a good way of educating people with the fact that we help the Humane Society,” she said.

Battocletti explained she wanted to have trainers at the event because there are more options than getting rid of a dog.

“Every behavior can be fixed. With training all things are fixed and it builds a bond like no bond you’ve ever had,” Battocletti said.

Residents participated in the look-alike contest where they had to recreate their appearance to look like their pet.

“I would encourage anyone to take a part and help the Humane Society. They need a lot of things, and I am hoping they walk away with tons of money,” she said.

Jenisa Myers is one of the professional dog trainers who presented a demo.

Myers brought her personal dog Jedi, who is deaf, and demonstrated how he can help people with disabilities and wheelchairs.

Myers works with Jedi with hand signals since he cannot hear. She commands him to sit, turn and bark as well as bring back an item to her hand.

“The RGV K9 training center is located in Edinburg. We train pet dogs for people that are having trouble, and we are known as the last resort. A lot of people bring their aggressive dogs or ones they have severe problems with,” she said.

“I started training dogs because I wanted to help people build a better relationship with their dogs,” Myers said.

Sara Cano, Communications Coordinator of the Humane Society of Harlingen, said she is happy the organization can partake in the event for the second time.

“We are very thankful to Sunshine RV Resort and Sharon Battocletti for supporting the Humane Society,” she said.

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