Valley View resident to turn 100

HARLINGEN — Florence Kaufman was a dance instructor, and at 99 years old she said she still loves to dance, but can’t now.

“I taught tap, ballet and when I got a little older ballroom and line dancing. That was my favorite, people laughed so much in line dancing” she said.

“If I could dance, I would,” she said.

Kaufman will be turning 100 on Feb. 29, but as a leap year woman she said she is actually turning 25.

Kaufman was born in 1920 and is from Kokomo, Indiana. She said there is no secret to longevity but wanting to stay active.

She lived in Yuma, Arizona, for a while and moved to Harlingen seven years ago.

“I like the weather and the people. The sunshine, it goes with the weather and I like palm trees,” Kaufman said.

She resides at Valley View Independent Living and according to Elaine Wray, her daughter, and staff members, Kaufman enjoys to people-watch and say hello to the mailman every day from her balcony.

While she was married, she and her husband Howard, who served in World War II, raised their family on a farm. Her husband died at the age of 49. They got married when she was 22.

Kaufman has two sons and two daughters. Her family grew into five grandkids and six great grandkids.

“They are coming right along,” she said.

Kaufman said her favorite hobbies are dancing and swimming, though she doesn’t do it anymore.

She enjoys going shopping, specifically places where she can use her scooter.

“Some man told me you sure are a good driver. I said I’ve had a lot of practice,” Kaufman said.

She said the only secret she has to living so long is having children who take care of her.

Asked what she will do for her birthday, she said, “We are going to party,” she said.

“I don’t want anything for my birthday because the Lord has blessed me with everything,” Kaufman said.