LETTERS: What will we give up in return for freedom?

In his letter published Feb. 2, N. Paredes mentioned the lack of civility in our country today, and I agree. However, it did not begin with this administration. It began with a gradual moral decline and lack of discipline and respect for life in general with one’s life being viewed as more important than another. (Example: abortion.) As for Trump being a communist: His remark during one debate with Hillary telling Russia that if they were listening and had the information about Hillary’s undisclosed e-mails to send it. With his adversaries needling him with accusations of ties to Russia and knowing that Hillary would never disclose her missing email, he managed to take a humorous jab at both.

Again, with the lack of interest in investigating Hunter Biden’s strange and questionable activities in the Ukraine (not China),

it was not strange to suggest that the plans of the new Ukrainian administration to clean up corruption might include Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma, which is in the Ukraine.

If President Trump is not advocating more government takeover or the limiting of private enterprise through regulations or of reducing the personal freedoms of American citizens, it is hard to visualize him as a communist.

There are plenty of advocates running in the Democrat party who promise to give us what we want. What will we have to give up in return?

Freedom is not free.

Regardless of the news we watch, we need to seek other sources of information.

Norma Christian, Raymondville