LETTERS: Ignorance has to be halted

Oh, oh, the propaganda machine is going on a rampage again with that darn barbaric, terroristic, Democratic KKK. They were the lowest form of human beings and should have been exterminated, but darn, Republicans came to their rescue and now fit right in.

Now, the propaganda machine is in cahoots with the Quid Pro Quo Con-man. They now refer to them as fine folks. He’s probably still waking up every morning, looking in the mirror and smiling as he gives out his “Hail Hitler” salute.

Again, not all Republicans are racist, but all racists are Republican. It’s sad that even those most affected by racism sympathize with racism. Go figure.

More news on the Holocaust keeps popping up and seems history is repeating itself. Things are falling into place and many are very pleased and delighted with the new dictator.

It is pathetic how a news channel can program listeners to cheer and embrace a treasonous,

conniving Con-man. He is more guilty than sin, but can threaten and order a bunch of weak, spineless GOP Congressmen to do as he says or else.

Funny that most of the overwhelming evidence came from his own cronies that actually caught him in the act and were willing to testify to ease their mind on that treasonous behavior. Now, he states he doesn’t even know them. He lies to everybody’s face amid to more cheering and applauses. It’s also hilarious that Romney, whom all Republicans voted for during his presidential candidacy, was the only one with guts to speak up against the treasonous Con-man.

Wake up people, ignorance has to be halted.

Why not do away with the legal system, threaten and order all witnesses not to convict criminals and just let nature run its course?

Have a good day.

Juan Gonzales, Harlingen