LETTERS: Response to Navarrette column


This is in response to Ruben Navarrette’s, “Mexican Americans still grieve for El Paso” commentary.

Do Mr. Navarrette or pro-abortion, pro-illegal immigrant and border wall opposing DemocRATS and their supporters (“journalists,” members of the “clergy,” “Christians,” leftists, etc.) grieve for the over 60 million aborted unborn babies who never saw the light of day; the thousands of Americans killed by illegal aliens; the thousands of women and children that have been raped by illegals or the tens of thousands of Americans who have overdosed on drugs smuggled from corrupt and lawless Mexico? Unlikely.

From www.dps.texas.gov – Texas criminal illegal alien data – June 1, 2011, to Dec. 31, 2019: Over 211,000 illegal aliens charged with over 330,000 criminal offenses; 606 homicide charges; 41,605 drug charges; 3,974 sexual assault charges, etc. That’s only in Texas. Add the thousands of Americans who have been killed in drug deals gone bad and during robberies by addicts needing money to buy dope.

Why don’t the liberal media report on the crimes associated with a porous border? Instead, the media portray illegal aliens as saintly victims.

Drug addiction is the scourge of the land. But rather than doing everything humanly possible to secure our borders to reduce human and drug smuggling, DemocRATS want open borders and legalization of all drugs. Besides the cartels, lawyers, businesses, politicians, local governments, school districts and the churches that encourage and profit enormously from legal and illegal immigration, ever wonder who else profits from human and/or drug smuggling?

By the way Mr. Navarrette, all violent crime involves evil/demonic activity. What can be more evil/ demonic than aborting tens of millions of innocent unborn babies for convenience?

N. Rodriguez, Harlingen