LETTERS: Russian help

I never write letters to my local paper, but I really had to make an exception when you printed a letter of Feb. 2, 2020, from one N. Paredes of Rio Hondo.

He asked whether President Trump may be a communist and listed a couple of possible reasons. He claims that Trump “pleaded for Russia to interfere in the 2016 election on national television.”

If he was referring to Trump’s remark about Russia finding Mrs. Clinton’s missing emails, Mr. Paredes and others need to know that Trump was being sarcastic. He was poking fun of the

fact that our state department and national security apparatus couldn’t explain their disappearance. Finding said email would not have been a help to the Trump campaign.

The fact that she lost/deleted them after ignoring the fact that they should have been classified was help enough, as were her many stupid remarks on the campaign trail.

And by the way, Russia ceased being a communist country when the USSR was dissolved at Christmas, 1991. It hasn’t been communist for almost 30 years. I recommend you catch up.

Howard Tozzo, Palm Valley