HARLINGEN — While sporting her crown and sash, Ms. South Texas Senior America Pageant second runner up Joie Quick waved as she threw candy and beads into the crowd.

Trailing behind her car were several golf carts and cyclists sporting themed colors, masks and beaded necklaces.

Sunshine RV Resort personnel and residents celebrated Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, with a parade and party Tuesday afternoon.

The festivities, mostly known for the outlandish parades, floats and street revelers in New Orleans and Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, mark the celebrations before Ash Wednesday.

During the party at the RV resort, residents enjoyed bowls of chicken gumbo and listened to live music by Dave Perryman and the Texas County Revue.

Sunshine RV Resort Activities Director Jan Crouch said the residents enjoyed the camaraderie of everyone spending time together.

“There’s a lot of activity that goes on and it’s kind of like they have their own little community here,” Crouch said. “Our people are just so friendly, and we love to have a good time.”

Sunshine RV Resort residents Phil and Betty Brett laughed along with their friends as they picked up candy and beads thrown during the golf-cart parade.

“We enjoy seeing the folks we know participate in the parade and decorate their golf carts,” Phil said. “We know half the people in the park, we think.”

Visiting from Ontario, Canada, the couple said they have been residing at the RV resort a few months at a time for almost the past 20 years.

“They’ve been having these Mardi Gras parades for quite a few years I believe,” Phil said. “There are new faces every year and unfortunately some of the old faces disappear because they can’t come down anymore.”

Deb and Ron Engelmann dressed up in Mardi Gras themed attire and participated in the parade with their decorated golf cart.

“We participate in the parade every year,” Deb said. “We love it. It’s the enjoyment of having fun with people you meet.”

“We decided on this park out of the spur of the moment and we’ve been coming back for eight years,” Deb said with a smile. “The people and the activities here are just so much fun.”