HARLINGEN — Women from all areas joined to chitchat and practice self love skills.

The Harlingen collective of FemCity celebrated its second anniversary with a get together and workshop Thursday afternoon.

FemCity is a global women’s networking organization that focuses on helping women gather, support, network and uplift each other through positivity and trust, said collective leader Christina Rodriguez. The FemCity organization was founded 10 years ago.

“We host a live workshop every fourth Thursday of the month. I also host a lunch once a month for members where we discuss strategies for marketing our businesses through social media. There are also live chats online with the founder, Violette de Ayala, online classes, and community platforms for positive and inspirational gatherings,” Rodriguez said.

Currently, there are four FemCity groups located in the Rio Grande Valley — Harlingen, Brownsville, Weslaco and Mcallen.

“We are different from other networking organizations in that our group is small so that each member can truly get to know the others on a more personal level. We can then better help each other to further our businesses in the Harlingen area and beyond,” she said.

Carrie Fullerton is the owner of Glitzy Glam Party Boutique. Fullerton has been a part of FemCity for three years.

“I joined because on the first meeting I found out that they also do worksheets and it helps you think about your business more and you are learning something from each other,” she said.

“They also become your friends and we really do genuinely support each other instead of just networking yourself. You are developing a relationship, we are all giving to each other. It is just kind of neat,” Fullerton said.