By JIM N. TAYLOR, Special to the Star

This expression “Deep State” comes more from foreign than from America’s experience (we are a relatively young nation). The deep state (DS) grows as the government and/or government power grows.

Our USDS is composed of individuals and their organizations who have mutual self-interests in using government or its power to further their selfinterest advantageously.

This usually means maintaining and/or increasing government power, especially power favoring its members.

Perhaps the largest number of USDS members are government employees and those politicians personally advantaged by or seeking certain government power or relationship.

The USDS functions as a fourth branch of government, which exists only because its members are of sufficient numbers and mutual self-interest to cause its automatic existence. No organized effort (conspiracy) on the part of members is required. They act automatically in unison through mutual interests, but they collude when they know each other well enough to trust each other. They follow any procedure necessary for the desired outcome. They are not concerned with immorality or illegality, as long as they are not legally/formally accused of it.

Be not deceived that only government employees are members of the DS. A perhaps unique character of the USDS is that most of the news media and entertainment industries are DS members in good standing. Most of the media are openly committed DS members (only two cable/satellite TV channels are not DS members), and entertainers are becoming conscious of their complicity.

Unintentionally, many who are subsidized in some way by government or its programs, have unwittingly/ unintentionally

become DS members out of their necessity to compete.

Our largest political party (Democrat) is a member, if not the leader, of the DS. The speedy pace of the Democrat party toward communism requires Dems to belong to the DS. Few Republican are DS members.

If you have mutual selfinterests with a large number of the DS members, then you probably are a member.

There are no monetary dues or certificate required to be a member.

The price of membership to the USDS is willingness to slowly contribute your freedom(s) in exchange for the unfunded promise of/by politicians that the state will provide your most promising pathway to pursue happiness.

Anyone who has not observed DS collusion and/or cronyism, influence on what is or is not reported or is lied about as journalism, what is concealed from the public, what is made known that is untrue or unnecessary on recorded document, by or between members of the DS, has either sensory impairment or some level of dementia. The USDS works against whatever conservatism wants and usually favors whatever deviate behavior it can help legitimize or normalize. When the policies of D. Trump became apparent as aligned with conservatism, all members of the USDS concentrated their efforts toward the overthrow of Trump’s presidency. This effort was led by holdover employees from the Obama administration who should have been fired when Trump took over (the USDS helped make laws against firing union members).

In researching this topic I learned that Google and most tech-associated companies are all members of the USDS, so you must read between the lines when going online for research.

Jim N. Taylor is a Harlingen resident who is regularly published in the Valley Morning Star