Adobatti wins 404th state district judge’s race, runoff set for 138th state district judge’s race

Unofficial election results indicate Ricardo M. Adobatti will succeed Judge Elia C. Lopez, who did not seek reelection, as the 404th state District Court judge after defeating opponent Louis Sorola.

With 101 of the 103 precincts reporting, Adobatti received 17,595 votes to Sorola’s 12,209. There is no Republican candidate running for the seat.

“We do not take this lightly, we are doing it because we truly want to better the community and we intend to follow through with our promises,” Adobatti said. “A million thanks to everyone that helped. Many friends that have become family and many strangers that have become friends thanks to this campaign.”

Sorola said he is thankful for everyone who supported him throughout his campaign.

“I’m so thankful and so happy and grateful for everybody that has supported me,” he said. “I’m so appreciative, words cannot explain it.”

There will be a runoff for the 138th state District Court judge’s race between Gabriela “Gabby” Garcia and Helen Delgadillo since neither received 50 percent plus one vote to avoid a runoff.

Unofficial results indicate that with 101 of 103 precincts reporting, Garcia received 14,572 votes to Delgadillo’s 9,422. Myles R. Garza, a third candidate in the race, received 6,362.

Whoever wins the race will replace Judge Arturo Cisneros Nelson who did not seek reelection. There is no Republican candidate.

“I am humbled by everyone’s support I don’t have the words to thank all of our family and friends and the voters that have come out to help on election day,” Garcia said.

Delgadillo said she is beyond grateful for everyone who has supported her and for the volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to help her with her campaign. She also thanked voters.

“I want to thank all voters who came out to vote, regardless of whether they voted for me or not. Voting is a right we should cherish and exercise dutifully,” she said. “I have worked very hard to reach as many voters as I could, and I believe my hard work will pay off.”

Garza, son of retired state District Judge Robert Garza who sat on the same court bench, said he will still participate in the community and that he thanks everyone who voted. He said even though he didn’t win he’ll still serve the community.