LETTERS: ‘Gaslighting America’

All the information needed to determine who should be the next president is out there. All you have to do is pay a little bit of attention and determine what fact is and what fiction is.

For example, I have decided that you can divide the Trump supporters into two factions: the dummies and the rich.

The rich have the time to decipher information, but they care more about keeping their money than paying taxes. That’s why they want Trump. They get to keep more of their money.

The dummies are just too lazy and racist to apply themselves and want more freebees from the government. They blame others for their own selfinflicted misfortunes. Then there is the third and mixed element. This is where a lot of Democrats are. This element consists

of the working class who spend so much time working that they do not have time for the politics. The bills are pressing. Their wants are not being met. All they want is the distraction from their working lives and turn to TV shows for their escape.

In the meantime, we have a seventh grade education level president who has begun the transition of this country to a “Banana Republic.”

The founders of this country instilled its citizens with the philosophy of “God, Family and Country.” For 200 years, the road was paved with this philosophy.

Today, our leaders and citizens follow the philosophy for “Idolatry, Self and God” a distance third.

Humans are too lazy and have too much self-interest to return to the glory days. They are taking what they can get for themselves and to hell with the future generations.

Thank Donald Trump for “Gaslighting America.”

Santiago Perez San Benito