Four-year-old raises money for Humane Society

HARLINGEN — River Rickborn is a 4-year-old who loves rocks and animals.

Based on that combination River was able to raise $150 for the Humane Society of Harlingen.

Her mother Traci Rickborn said River has always enjoyed collecting rocks, which is her favorite hobby.

River attends Saint Albans Episcopal School and during the month of February a “Great Kindness Challenge” was begun to do one kind thing every day.

One of the ideas was to raise funds for a cause you believed in, said her mother.

They had visited the Humane Society in the past and because of her love of animals Traci said it made sense to support the organization.

River went around and gathered 60 rocks, which she decorated with paint poured in vibrant colors.

She asked family, friends and staff at school for donations and sold out on her first day.

“I didn’t think we would raise that much money,” Traci said.

After the money was raised River went to the Humane Society to turn the donations in and had a special welcome and tour done for her.

“When we got there and opened the door they let her hold kittens and puppies and she really got a full circle connection with all of it,” Traci said.

River has two cocker spaniels at home, Sophie and Chloe, but kittens are her favorites, too. She wears kitten paws socks under her school shoes. After receiving donations she made thank you cards to everyone who donated.

“I wanted to paint rocks to save the puppies and kitties. I have been collecting rocks for a hundred and million days,” River said.

Sarah Cano, Communications Coordinator at the Humane Society, said River’s action was heartwarming.

“We are so appreciative of our supporters for helping save the lives of community pets. River is an incredible little girl and we hope that she serves as an inspiration and gets more of our community involved in our efforts,” Cano said.

“We couldn’t exist without continued support from the community and we encourage anyone interested in starting their own fundraiser or hosting an event to reach out to us to get started,” she said.