LETTERS: Journalism 101

President Donald Trump speaks in an address to the nation from the Oval Office at the White House about the coronavirus Wednesday, March, 11, 2020, in Washington. (Doug Mills/The New York Times via AP, Pool)

“Promises kept”…” a page A7 story in your publication of Monday, Feb. 24, shows once again the very great prejudice of Associated Press reporters, among whom is Kevin Freking.

I have commented on this affliction among many reporters many times. And now you showed it again. A good wire editor would have completed the story with a proper explanation of the many errors, misdirections and misleading comments in the story.

The reporter had a great concern that President Trump was not fulfilling a promise of a growth rate of “at least 3.5 percent and as high as 4 percent.” Then he explains that growth followed the same trends of the Obama era. Big deal!

The reporter does not confirm that at no time in our history has the growth in our economy benefited more people from more divergent communities in such a short time. That growth certainly had nothing to do with Obama. It all came about through the total stimulus of the Trump administration and direction. Obama’s faction just had to get out of the way.

Then, Freking points out the increase in the national debt under Trump, but no mention that Obama increased the debt more than ALL other presidents combined. The debt increased because the Democratic Socialists insisted on matching defense spending as Trump was trying to re-build the military Obama destroyed. No where in the Constitution is welfare spending mentioned, but support of the military for self-defense is mentioned.

In his mandate to defend the nation at its borders, President Trump has had to divert funds from other expenditures to build the wall because, again, the Socialist Democrats don’t want to stop the “invasion” from the south. That is not explained by Freking as he attacks our president for doing what he is supposed to do in spite of the opposition he faces.

I say, send Freking back to journalism 101 where he might learn to present both sides of the story on controversial subjects. He might then be better received.

Duane A. Rasmussen Laguna Vista