HEDC launches Spanish-language website

HARLINGEN — A new era in reaching out to Mexico-based businesses began Wednesday in the city, with the unveiling of the Harlingen Economic Development Corp.’s new Spanish-language website, “Más Harlingen.”

The website, which was under construction for months, in many ways mirrors the HEDC’s English-language website.

Más Harlingen is a visually rich website which features some of the city’s most attractive development features, like Texas State Technical College, Valley International Airport, the Port of Harlingen, local industrial parks and the Los Indios Free-Trade International Bridge.

The site contains headings like the English-language site, but instead are labeled Inicio (home), Contactos (contacts), Graficos (statistics/data), and Recursos (resources).

The information on Más Harlingen will allow the HEDC to better reach site selectors and developers in Mexico, and is part of the HEDC’s goal of developing and growing relationships with economic development leaders in Mexico.

The website can be accessed online at www.masharlingen.com or via the HEDC’s main website.

“Más Harlingen’s launch will allow our Spanish-speaking contacts to tap into our resources and connect with us more easily,” said Raudel Garza, chief executive officer of the HEDC.

“This website is a quick way for us to send information and for prospects to find us and learn more about how we can help them come to Harlingen,” he added.


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