LETTERS: Clarify issues


In response to N. Rodriguez’ angry tirade and her version of “Communism vs. Socialism” letter to the editor, I offer this view point. I am an educated adult with political views that are neither Democrat nor Republican as I vote per my conscious. I determine what is best for “me” and what I believe will be best for our “country”. Politics throughout our history has been one of the most divisive issues since the implementation of political parties. It is evident by the language and anger displayed by N. Rodriguez that her issues were interwoven with personal attacks, political preference and disinformation. I shall attempt to clarify the issues in a more cordial and educated manner.

1. Political parties discussed are correctly spelled “Republican” and Democrat”. Intentional demonizing and demeaning another’s political party indicates a lack of education to address the issues that rise to the level of the educated reader. “DemocRATS” in N Rodriguez’ views conjure hate and disrespectful conduct toward the persons and the members of the political party with whom she disagrees.

Professional and articulated opinions would be appreciated.

2. Brennan voted for Hall (a Communist) in 1976. Voting is a right and a privilege which include protections to vote freely for the candidates of our choices. Most of this was expounded back then by FOX news and anti-Democrat media. Though, I may not agree with Brennan’s choice, I will stand up and defend his right to vote as he chooses. This is a right of every US citizen..

3. Biblical beliefs for “Chick-fil-a” CEOs of a privately owned company: It is their right to manage their company as they see fit in accordance with their by-laws and trademark. I don’t care for their product, so I don’t eat it. The First

Amendment of the Constitution protects their right to freedom of religion which projects into their company’s values. This is a right for everyone, even business owners as long as it does not affect the workforce’s right to be employed by this company.

4. Bill Clinton speaking engagements: $500,000 for a speech paid by a Russian Bank. After he left office, Former President Clinton was paid $500,000 or more for each of his speeches by 13 other countries besides Russia. Clinton was a free agent to earn a living. Freedom, period.

5. The Clinton’s received millions for Uranium One deal. January 2020, the Justice Department investigation looking into the matter, initiated after Donald Trump took office in 2017, was winding down after finding nothing worth pursuing. Case closed.

6. KKK supported by Democratic Party. The KKK was supported by the Democratic Party in the early 1800s. By early 1900s, the political parties’ views changed and reversed. The KKK party that had been Democrat is now Republican. Associate Professor Carole Emberton, University of Buffalo: “Although the names stayed the same, the platforms of the two parties reversed each other in the mid-20th century, due in large part to the white “Dixiecrats” flight out of the Democratic Party and into the Republican Party after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

I appreciate and will defend N. Rodriguez’ right to her opinions. I only ask that the contents of her submissions be supported by facts and not left to indiscriminate tirades and name calling. I’m sure that other readers will appreciate valid and supported claims and not downgrade this column to N. Rodriguez’ submissions to the “Community Forum.”

Dora Sanchez, Chula Vista, CA