San Benito closes some buildings, postpones events due to coronavirus

SAN BENITO — City officials are closing some buildings and postponing events to try to fight the coronavirus.

Officials are closing the public library’s computer lab along with classes, Mayor Ben Gomez said Monday.

Restrooms and concession stands at Stookey Park, Heavin Park and Resaca Trail were closed late Monday.

On March 21, the city will close all its ball fields “until further notice.”

Later this week, officials will close the public library, the San Benito Cultural Heritage Museum and the Community Center.

Meanwhile, officials have postponed all city festivals and events held on city property except the City Commission meetings, which will be live-streamed.

“Please be aware that there is no imminent threat and no reason for alarm,” Gomez stated in a press release late Monday afternoon. “We are working strictly toward preparedness and prevention.”

“We are in contact with Cameron County and state health agencies as well as the Centers for Disease Control, and we will continue to monitor this situation.”

Officials are urging residents to use the drive-through lane to pay their utility bills in order to minimize contact while walk-up windows inside City Hall will remain open.

“Essential departments such as water, wastewater, first responders, police and fire, will continue in full-force to provide needed services for the community,” the press release states.

Gomez urged residents to go to the city website at and the San Benito City Hall Facebook page for more information.