Flea Market to close this weekend for the first time since 1981

A vendor at the 77 Flea Market offers a variety of purses, handbags and hats for sale. Many of the items have images of the Mexican bingo game loteria. By Miguel Roberts, The Brownsville Herald

Mendez said the Gomez family, who owns and operates the Flea Market, got together on Tuesday evening to discuss what actions to take and that he is very grateful for the decision the family took to protect the community.

“They decided that closing would be the best thing to do for our community and have notified vendors that any prepayments would be credited to the next open date,” Mendez said. “I called to personally thank her and told her that I pray that I am able to eat an elote en vaso there next weekend, because that means everything would be [OK].”

Juani Gomez-Parra, a representative from the family, said she is very grateful for the community and all the support they have received throughout the years. She said she hopes the situation gets better so they can go back to opening its doors to the community.

“We want to thank the community, Brownsville, because they have made us who we are right now and I think that my family and I think that Brownsville and the community here is a priority to us,” she said. “They’re very important and that’s why the decision was made; thinking on them first.”

Gomez-Parra said she hopes things get better and the 77 Flea Market can reopen again next weekend. She said there’s no way to know for sure but that they will be following closely the guidelines implemented by Mendez.

“We will be ready, we will be expecting whatever they inform us,” she said. “Please stay safe, because that’s our priority, for the community to stay safe. … We will be waiting for them whenever we are ready.”