San Benito elementary school makes street parade for students

SAN BENITO — Throughout this time of uncertainty induced by the coronavirus pandemic, a group of local educators wanted to provide comfort to students.

Several faculty and staff members from Judge Oscar De La Fuente Elementary School made a street parade Saturday afternoon for their students.

Participants honked, waved and gave shout-outs from their vehicles to students as they drove by their houses.

“We literally tried to go down every road that our students lived on and we all drove for two hours,” assistant principal Camille Cavazos said. “Seeing the kids waving to us was the most rewarding part.”

Several of the participants’ vehicles had a variety of posters painted on the windows and taped to the doors saying things such as “You are missed” and “Donut forget to wash your hands.”

After seeing the idea being done in other states, Cavazos said she felt inspired to create that experience for her students.

“We have a dynamic staff and they’re all heart,” Cavazos said. “So when given the opportunity and proposing the question to them, they all just jumped right in and said they wanted to do it.”

For Cavazos, seeing everyone come together to make this event possible for the students was very exciting.

“Part of this was being able to connect,” Cavazos said. “Our teachers put unity in our community so it was nice to see the smiles on the kids’ faces.”

The distribution of online lessons and instructional packets to students begins this week for San Benito CISD.

“In this time, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly with the coronavirus pandemic,” Cavazos said. “If anything, we wanted the kids to be able to see that they’re loved and supported as they come into this new remote learning adventure.”