Police arrest man spitting on bench

Armando Santoyo Garcia

HARLINGEN — A man spitting on a bench used by others has been arrested.

Harlingen Police Officers responded to the 1500 block of North 77 Sunshine Strip at 7:14 a.m. after Armando Santoyo Garcia caused others to panic, according to a press release.

Officers say Santoyo told them he had contagious diseases and was attempting to infect everyone. He was arrested and charged with a terroristic threat and taken to the city jail.

The Harlingen Police Department reminds citizens to report any suspicious activity to their local police department. In Harlingen, people can contact for Emergencies at (911) or the Police Communications Center at (956)216-5940, the H.P.D.

Also, the Front Desk Supervisor at (956)216-5401, or the Harlingen Area Crime Stoppers at (956)425-TIPS (8477).