County Judge: Several patients have recovered from virus

County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr.

Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. says the good news about coronavirus in the area is that a number of people have recovered from the illness.

During a news conference on Thursday afternoon Trevino said county-wide 46 residents have contracted COVID-19.

He said seven on those patients are tied to Veranda Rehabilitation and Healthcare in Harlingen. Five of the patients are employed by the facility, one is a patient and the other is a relative of a patient.

Trevino said in two weeks the county went from zero to 46 cases and in one week it went from 13 to 46. But he added of those who contracted the virus, 20% have recovered.

“Nine people that tested positive have completed their time and have recovered. So even though you might come down and be tested positive for COVID-19. That doesn’t mean you’re issued a death sentence,” Trevino said.

The county judge said of the 235 people law enforcement officials have stopped 27 were ticketed for violating the order of having more than two people in a vehicle.

“If you have a valid excuse, valid reason to be out on the road you should be okay,” he said, but added, “don’t take your kids to the store, to get gas, it’s not needed.”

He says residents can still go walking, biking, running, hunting and fishing.

“But if you insist on going fishing, I guess that’s more important to you then taking care of yourself,” Trevino said. “Just because you have the right to do something, doesn’t mean its the right thing to do.”

Trevino said everyone should know what is essential, like going to the grocery store, buying medicines, taking children to pick up their school lunches.

“But other than that you shouldn’t have to leave the house. Walking, hiking, biking I understand, but you still have to practice social distancing.”