Elderly couple’s home is robbed

HARLINGEN — The Harlingen Police Department is searching for two male suspects who robbed a house Thursday night.

According to Commander David Osborne, officials received a call to respond to the 1500 Block of Throckmorton St. for a burglary.

Osborne said male suspects entered the home through the patio back door at 1:35 in the morning.

“Not only did they break in and steal some items from the home, they also stole the couple’s keys to their vehicles,” Osborne said.

“They left in two different Toyota vans. I think it’s a 2015 and a 2017 van,” he said.

The suspects have not been located yet but there is video evidence to use as search.

“We are working on identifying them at this time. Detectives have a copy of that video also and they are actively investigating this case,” Osborne said.