LETTERS: Family pride

I would like to tell you a short story about selfless act during this COVID-19 crisis.

I am in the Valley visiting my father from Phoenix, Arizona. The day before Cameron County issued a “Shelter in Place Rule”, my father David A. Barbee, Sr., an 88-year-old Korea Veteran and a Southern Baptist Missionary for 20 years, and my brother David A. Barbee, Jr., who has stepped up to assist my ailing father, delivered 6,000 pounds

of fresh vegetables for distribution to Way of Cross, a non-profit food bank.

My father has a rare blood disease and has trouble walking and hearing.

I am very proud to be his daughter and very proud to have a brother that assists my father in his everyday activities.

God Bless you as I have been blessed. Thank you for reading my short story.

Betty Barbee Westermeyer Phoenix, AZ