Harlingen parks will remain closed for Easter

High lake levels at the Harlingen Soccer Complex are eating away at the banks of the small lake. It isn't the only city lake which is enlarging itself, with both the Sports Complex and Pendleton Park lakes also losing shoreline.

Parks are a popular place for families to gather for Easter, but this year most will be closed.

The City of Harlingen reminds residents that all parks and the Tony Butler Golf Course are closed and will not be accessible on Easter Sunday due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Shelter in Place Orders issued by the State and Cameron County.

The orders prohibit the operation of non-essential businesses and services as well as gatherings of ten people or more. The parks will remain closed until the orders have been lifted.

Residents can still use the walking/running trails, they must practice social distancing and it is highly recommended they wear a cloth mask or another type of face-covering.

Meantime, all playground equipment has been cordoned off and staff has removed the picnic tables. The parking lots will also be closed to dissuade people from trying to use the parks

The Harlingen Police Department will be monitoring the parks through the holiday weekend to ensure families don’t gather for the Easter holiday. The Cameron County Shelter in Place Order does carry a fine and possible jail time.