RGC: Reckless driver crashes into officer’s patrol unit

A Rio Grande City officer is being examined at a local hospital after a person accused of driving recklessly collided into the officer’s patrol unit Tuesday.

The Rio Grande City Police Department received a call of a reckless driver heading westbound on Second Street in a red Dodge Charger, the city stated in a news release.

Responding to the call, the police officer was driving eastbound on the inside lane of U.S. Highway 83, approaching El Paseo Drive, when he reportedly saw the Dodge Charger passing other vehicles by driving on the center lane.

Suddenly, the driver then allegedly drove into oncoming traffic, crashing head on into the officer’s patrol unit.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as 20-year-old Jovan Lee Gracia, was taken to the hospital and released, according to the news release, while a passenger of the Dodge Charger refused medical attention.

The officer is “at the hospital being checked out as a precaution,” however he is reportedly in good condition and sustained no major injuries.

Charges are currently pending for the driver including reckless driving and possession of inhalant/ingest volatile chemicals (Dusters), and possession of a controlled substance (Xanax).