A 52-year-old McAllen man remained jailed Tuesday morning after police say he threatened to kill them last weekend.

Authorities arrested Jaime Garcia on Saturday after the man’s landlord called McAllen police to report that he was possibly damaging property in the room he rented, was being aggressive and possibly intoxicated.

When police knocked on the door, an officer wrote in a report that Garcia opened the door and shouted, “Why the (expletive) are you guys in my house?”

According to police, they tried to calm Garcia, who continued using vulgar language, according to the probable cause affidavit.

“I then asked Jaime if I could step inside his residence which he advised ‘you guys better not come inside my house or else I’m going to shoot you,’” the officer wrote in his report.

Garcia remained agitated and uncooperative and police say in a probable cause affidavit that they continued to try to calm the man.

“Jaime then stated, ‘(expletive) you, im (sic) going to get my gun to shoot you guys right now,’” the probable cause affidavit stated.

Police say Garcia then turned around and they rushed in after him.

“I managed to bear hug Jaime from behind, gaining control of his arms, then placing him in handcuffs,” the officer wrote in his report.

After handcuffing Garcia, police say he threatened them again, saying he didn’t care he was being arrested “and that he was going to be looking for us when he gets out of jail to cause us harm,” the affidavit stated.

McAllen police also allege that Garcia lit a fire under his landlord’s vehicle.

He is charged with two counts of obstruction or retaliation, two counts of terroristic threat peace officer or judge, resisting search or transport and arson.

Garcia received $22,500 in bonds, jail records show.