LETTERS: Meaningless letters

There is a third dimension, beyond that is known to man. It is a middle ground between light and shadows, science and superstition. It pits man around fears and knowledge. It is an area of imagination; to many people it’s known as the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Much of the comments written and published come from failed individuals who live in some of the poorest cities in America – streets that resemble Third World countries, outdated water plants built in the 1920s, water treatment plants that are inoperable, etc.

Towns with no sales tax revenues and boarded-up buildings.

Yet, these individuals think that their opinions matter – individuals that exist in pensions beneath poverty level – that instead of fixing their cities, they write silly letters criticizing the federal government.

To this date, I don’t know of anyone who is so financially wealthy in San Benito that the policy of the Trump administration impacts them.

So continue regurgitating the old tired meaningless laughable letters. Because that’s all; they’re meaningless.

Frank Garcia Harlingen