STISD schools ranked among best in state

There is life in the time of corona.

In the midst of the pandemic’s chaos, order is still in play as schools continue to strive for excellence.

Three campuses in the South Texas Independent School District have been ranked among the best in the state by the 2020 Jay Mathews Challenge Index.

Those campuses are South Texas Independent School District Medical Professions in Olmito, South Texas ISD Science Academy and South Texas ISD Health Professions, both in Mercedes.

“ I am proud of our campuses for ranking among the best in the state and nation in the Challenge Index again this year,” said Superintendent Marco Antonio Lara Jr.

“ This achievement is a reminder that the course we are charting continues to challenge our students, setting them up for success in life long after they graduate from our schools,” Lara said. “We will continue to do all that we can to provide access to higher learning opportunities for all of our students.”

The Jay Mathews website says the Challenge Index is the oldest high school ranking system in the country. It is the only list that does not rely on test scores for its ranking and the the only one that compares private and public schools.

Harry Goette, principal of STISD Medical Professions, hailed the news.

“ We are very proud of students and teachers for their hard work and dedication that has resulted in Medical Professions and our sister campuses ranking among the best in the nation for 2020,” he said. “We strive to innovate continuously and to provide the best opportunities we can for our students. This is a reflection of those efforts.”

2020 Jay Mathews Challenge Index rankings

State Rankings

Medical Professions ranked 22
Science Academy ranked 27th
Health Professions ranked 29th

National Rankings

Medical Professions ranked 48th
Science Academy ranked 62nd
Health Professions ranked 67th