Prayer service scheduled to honor health care heroes and COVID-19 patients

Livingway Family Church is hosting a parking lot prayer service to pray for health care heroes and patients battling the COVID-19 pandemic while following social distancing guidelines.

The parking lot prayer service is set for 8 p.m. Thursday, at Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville.

Community members are invited to park their cars and enjoy a brief prayer service while practicing social distancing and staying in their cars.

“Join us as we show our frontline heroes how much we appreciate them and are keeping them in our prayers. We will park our cars at the parking lot at the front of the hospital, listen to a few songs, pray, and flash our car headlights in honor of our healthcare heroes,” said Dr. Bill Moore, senior pastor at Livingway Family Church.

“We are honored and are grateful for the prayers over our healthcare heroes and our patients. I look forward to the prayer service and am excited to see the show of support via the flashing of car headlights,” said Mariana Tumlinson, director of community and public relations at VRMC.