An 11-year-old boy is the latest to be confirmed positive with COVID-19 in Starr County, bringing the county’s total cases to 17.

He tested positive at a private clinic in Starr County after exhibiting only mild symptoms, according to Dr. Jose Vazquez, the county’s health authority.

The patient appeared at the clinic for a routine follow-up appointment when he was tested, Vazquez added.

“And just because of symptoms suggestive of an allergy, the PA in that private facility tested this kid and he turned out to be positive,” he said.

The 11-year-old lives with two adults and one sibling.

Two family members work in the pipeline industry which could be the possible source of the infection but because that remains unclear, the case is being classified as community spread, Vazquez said.

Of the county’s 17 cases, 10 patients have recovered, according to a post by Starr County Judge Eloy Vera.