LETTERS: In honor of Gen. George S. Patton Jr.


As global tech giants YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. censor viewpoints that challenge the oligarchy owned media’s one-sided reporting more and more, my gratitude to the VMS’s editors for allowing me to share what the oligarchy (the wealthy elites who run America and the world and who own and control the mainstream media), globalist anti-America politicians, the leftist, pro-China entertainment industry, and leftist teachers and professors don’t want the average American to know.

The 75th anniversary of VE Day, May 8, 1945, is a perfect time to honor the memory of George S. Patton Jr., if not the greatest among the three greatest generals in American history.

Towards the end of WWII, it became necessary for Gen. Patton to interact with Russian officers. In a short period of time, General Patton became disgusted with, as well as suspicious of, America’s Soviet “allies.” He found the Russians repulsive and is quoted as having said, “We defeated the wrong enemy.” Gen. Patton also had a low opinion of liberals, communists, and the press of his day.

General Patton speaking his mind would eventually get him demoted and may have also led to his unfortunate auto “accident.” He may very well have been the first casualty of the Cold War.

Patton was a staunch opponent of liberalism, socialism, and communism. Much like “Christians” supporting abortion on demand, it makes absolutely no sense for veterans who see themselves as patriots to support the DemocRAT Party, its anything goes Godless liberalism or its open-borders, free-trade, socialist agendas.

I encourage patriotic Forum readers to look up and read: “Gen. George S. Patton Jr.: death and final days” and “Was George S. Patton murdered? New light on an old conspiracy.” Both at warfare history network.

“Douglas Bazata, Gen. Patton assassin” – multiple articles. “Patton’s car accident — investigation findings, December 13, 1945” @ dalestreetbooks. com. And “Patton’s D-Day Speech to the 3rd Army — The very idea of losing is hateful to an American” @ cnsnews.com (reader discretion advised on this one).

N. Rodriguez, Harlingen

An average municipality

The city of Harlingen used to be very well maintained. In fact, at one time, it won the All America City award. Then came Yerena, a city manager, who did away with enforcement regulations.

And apparently, this behavior is now the norm; I traverse throughout the city often. I have noticed sites with accumulations of dry brush, lots with overgrown grass, piles of dirt in empty lots, and unattended curbs full of dirt and leaves.

At the Citrus Terrace Subdivision, I haven’t seen a street sweeper in almost three years.

Harlingen is beginning to look like a very average municipality. Ironically, our taxes are increasing, and the appraisal district has notified taxpayers that the value of their

land is going up as well.

I don’t know who is in charge of enforcing these regulations. Still, the administration should make improvements as soon as possible, or better yet, the city commission ought to ride throughout Harlingen and observe taxpayers’ concerns.

Frank Garcia, Harlingen