HARLINGEN — It was early Friday morning when Danny Garza, pastor at Abundant Life Church, began a prayer of honor.

For a few weeks the church had been meaning to host an event to show appreciation to first responders.

From 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., police officers, constables and other frontline workers were invited to attend a breakfast and prayer.

“We were supposed to do it last week for law enforcement week. But we decided this week to show appreciation because of the pandemic going on and to say thank you,” Garza said.

Approximately 40 law enforcement officials attended and enjoyed sweet bread and breakfast tacos.

Garza said law enforcement officials appeared grateful for the event, especially during the prayer.

“I shared a quick story about the good Samaritan, which gives a message about ‘what is mine is yours’ and that is what a first responder does,” he said.

“They give and serve people and protect them. They exemplify what God has called us to do here on Earth,” Garza said.

Carlos Cordova, Deputy for Precinct 5 Constable Eddie Solis, attended the prayer breakfast and said he did feel appreciated.

Cordova decided to become a first responder to help people.

“Whenever I was growing up I would see people go through hard things and I wanted to be someone different. I wanted to try,” Cordova said.

The 28-year-old said he does not always feel appreciated.

“We don’t do things to be complimented but it feels nice for them to do things for us,” he said.

“I am grateful for the pastors for giving us these tacos, it felt nice with all the things that are going on,” Cordova said.