Rotary Club of Harlingen donates face masks

HARLINGEN — With a welcoming gathering, new masks were provided to Loaves and Fishes.

The Rotary Club of Harlingen along with its members spent Friday afternoon delivering masks.

The recipients were Habitat Restore, Family Crisis Center, Boys and Girls Club, Sunny Glen Children’s Home and Loaves and Fishes.

The idea came about after the club was granted funding to help out organizations affected by COVID-19.

Eddie Bartnesky, who will start as District Governor in July, said the district had money available for projects and received the authorization to use funds for COVID-19 usage.

“We have to designate those funds to clubs. We selected Harlingen to apply for a grant of $3,000 and took that money and purchased the masks,” Bartnesky said.

Around 500 masks were going to each organization selected, which were personally handed by Rotary members.

“Organizations such as these could really use these items,” he said.

Bartnesky said that in July more funds will become available for more grants for funding needs in the community.

“It is a pleasure to give back to the community. Our organization is all about service to our local communities. That’s what we are all about,” he said.

Bill Reagan, Executive Director of Loaves and Fishes, said he was thankful to receive the masks.

“We are thankful for these masks and will put them to good use,” Reagan said.