Rotary Club Walk of Fame inductees recognized

HARLINGEN — The Rotary Club of Harlingen has honored community members for several years now with its Walk of Fame.

What usually involves an event to recognize inductees was cancelled due to COVID-19 safety regulations.

This year, inductees were notified of their selections through a letter.

The recipients were Dr. Stanley Fisch, Perry Vaughn, Bill Aston, John Topp, Dr. Nolan Perez, Ed Sokolosky, Meg Jorn, Blas Cantú Jr., Dr. Art Cavazos and Charlie Perez.

The inductees are nominated by other members of the community who see their work and involvement worthy of recognition.

“The Rotary Club of Harlingen’s Walk of Fame is a celebration of Citizens of Harlingen, their life achievements, significant civic contributions and their impact on our community,” said Juanita Stringfield, Public Image Director of the Rotary Club of Harlingen.

Dr. Fisch is a pediatrician and has been practicing for 50 years.

He was unaware he would be a part of the list until he was notified a few weeks ago.

“It is quite an honor and unexpected and very nice of course,” he said.

Two years ago he left his practice, and Fisch now works at the UTRGV School of Medicine, where he is dean of students.

“It is great and a thrill to see something we have been longing for and to be part of it, a once in a lifetime experience to be part of the founding of the medical school,” he said.

Charlie Perez, another of the inductees, manages Alexandre’s Jewelry. He is active in community organizations and events. He is also the vice chairman of the Harlingen Housing Authority and the chairman of the Golf Advisory Board. In the past, he was chairman of the Downtown Improvement District.

“You don’t expect those awards. You don’t work for those awards. It is just an honor to receive them but do it because you love to do their work,” he said.

“Community involvement in Harlingen has always been my goal, everything that I can help to make Harlingen better,” Perez said.