SANTA ROSA — The Santa Rosa Police Department has an addition to its station.

The Cameron County Sherriff’s Department donated a patrol car on Wednesday morning, presented by Sheriff Omar Lucio.

“We sometimes have extra vehicles out there and instead of selling them to the public, which we have done in the past, the chief from here called and said he needed a vehicle,” Lucio said.

After talking to County Judge Eddie Treviño Jr. and city commissioners, the car was bought by the department for $1, Lucio said.

“This is about the fourth or fifth vehicle we have given to different agencies like Los Indios, Santa Maria, Rio Hondo,” he said.

“Equipment we don’t use anymore but that they can use. This is a nice vehicle and still has a lot of mileage left and I understand they are going to paint it black. This is part of what we do and we want to help whenever they need our assistance and we are real happy they can use it,” he said.

Police Lieutenant Ernest Barajas revved up the engine and turned on the siren to commemorate the donation.

Also in attendance was Refugio Rickford, City Alderman of Santa Rosa, who gave thanks to Lucio for the donation.

“On behalf of the city of Santa Rosa, the mayor and our commissioners we want to say thank you to the Sherriff’s Department and Cameron County for always helping us when it comes to equipment,” Rickford said.

“This is where we turn to our partners who have always been there for us,” he said.

The chief of police was not available which is why Barajas was present.

He said this new unit will be a great help for the department.

With this new vehicle, the station will have four units to use.

“We are very grateful,” Barajas said.