McAllen responds to reports of city employees testing positive for COVID-19

The city of McAllen issued a statement Thursday in response to inquiries about city employees testing positive for COVID-19.

“The City of McAllen takes the health and safety of our employees and visitors very seriously and is following established protocols to ensure [the] same,” the statement read.

The three-sentence release neither confirmed nor denied whether any employees had tested positive for the coronavirus. Several city sources not authorized to speak to the media, however, have said city employees have tested positive.

“We also respect the medical privacy of our employees,” it read. “The City of McAllen will continue to follow appropriate guidance and requirements regarding both.”

McAllen Police Association President Javier Cavazos indicated in a statement posted to social media that officers have been “exposed to Corona Virus positive co-workers… ”

The statement indicated that Cavazos spoke with City Manager Roy Rodriguez about these concerns and inquired about “how it should be handled.”

Cavazos claims he asked Rodriguez about whether officers were expected to go home after exposure and questions about how isolation time would be treated for payment and payroll purposes.

According to Cavazos, Rodriguez said employees exposed to infected employees will be referred to risk management which will evaluate the next steps.

Cavazos claims Rodriguez said that no one should be sent home for 14 days with no symptoms and no test results.

“McAllen Police Association will continue to stay on top of these issues to insure all McAllen Officers taken care of during this crisis,” the statement said.