South Padre Island addresses rising COVID-19 cases

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — As coronavirus cases continue to spread throughout communities, local leaders are stressing the importance of following proper health protocols.

South Padre Island Mayor Patrick McNulty addressed the current state of the city during this pandemic in a press release issued Thursday afternoon.

“It is unfortunate that South Padre Island is starting to see COVID-19 cases on the Island,” McNulty stated in the press release. “We all knew that SPI was not invincible to this virus and we are seeing these cases starting to pop up due to possibly forgetting the importance of the Open Texas Guidelines and following the proper procedures.”

McNulty stated that social distancing and wearing face coverings, when social distancing is not possible, is a must if the public wants to keep the Island open for business.

According to the press release, as of Thursday, the city had five reported cases.

“This number will increase to at least eight in the next few days and I would not be surprised if it is 16 in the next ten days,” McNulty stated.

On June 19, the Island began distributing free masks to those in need of them at its Visitors Center, which is located in the city’s Multi-Modal building.

McNulty states this is being done in an effort to encourage everyone to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and Gov. Greg Abbott’s recommendation to wear a mask while in public, as well as to keep both residents and visitors safe.

“Hopefully, in the next two weeks, we will start to see a decrease in new cases as residents, businesses and visitors increase their awareness of the proper protocols to slow the spread,” McNulty stated. “South Padre Island is a resilient community that knows how to come together in a time of crisis.”

McNulty stated that everyone shares a responsibility to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, and everyone needs to work together to follow protocols, such as wearing face coverings, maintaining social distancing and having proper hygiene.

“If people have concerns, please reach out to City Hall or email myself or my fellow council members,” McNulty stated. “We are here to help do what is best for SPI, to keep our Island open safely.”

For more information, contact the Island’s City Hall at (956) 761-6456.